Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gear Box

Gear Box

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycles are also known as motorbikes or simple bikes. There are several motorcycle brands that are recognized all over the world because of their high performance and other valuable features. Examples of these popular motorcycles brands include leading motorcycle manufacturers and producers such as Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Triumph and Buell. All motorcycles and motorbikes are composed of many motorcycle parts, components and motorcycle accessories. Examples of major motorcycle components are chassis, frame, suspension, front fork, engine, transmission, final drive, wheels, tires, brakes and instruments. Motorcycles and motorbikes are assembled in many countries of the world whereas all motorcycle parts, components and motorcycle accessories are usually manufactured in the headquarters, main manufacturing units or by original equipment manufacturers. Other than motorcycle parts, examples of motorcycle accessories are fairing, windscreen, heating, sidecar, trailer and tow hitch, storage, panniers (saddlebags), trunk, luggage rack, crash damage protection, frame sliders and crash bar. These all motorcycle parts and motorcycle components are easily available everywhere in all auto shops and outlets. It is also advised to buy only such motorcycle parts and components that are manufactured by the manufacturing units or original equipment manufacturers because replica of these motorcycle parts and motorcycle components may great affect overall performance of your bike.


Automobiles are also known as motor cars or simple cars. Technically speaking, automobiles or motor cars are the wheeled motor vehicles which are used for transporting passengers while moving on the designated roads from one place to another. There are a number of globally recognized automobile brands such as Infiniti, Acura, Suzuki, Charade, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Volvo. Other than these popular automobiles brands, there are hundreds of other automobile brands that are limitedly used in a number of regions and countries. These names of these brands may be unknown to people of the other countries and regions. For example, only in Uruguay several automobile brands have been introduced in the last fifty years such as Dellepiane, El Terruno,  Grumett,  Guitolar,  Hita, Indio, Industrias WARV, Lima, Mauser, Metalurgica Laguarda,  Nordex, Regusci, Suntrike, Super, Taller Danree y Silveira etc. whereas in the New Zealand, names of these limited automobiles which have been used since many years are: Ace Classic, Almac, Beattie, Blenheim, Chevron, De Joux, Dennison, Fraser, Heron,  Hulme, Leitch, Marlborough, McRae, Microbond, Saker, and Trekka etc. In many countries, automobile production units work day and night depending upon the actual need and requirement of the people living in these countries. 

Auto Parts

Any automobile or car consists of hundreds of auto parts and auto accessories. Use of these auto parts and auto accessories depends upon the nature of the major car components and their structures. Auto parts and auto accessories may be big or small. It also depends upon the size of the major components of automobiles and cars. For example, engine oil system in all automobiles and cars consists of six major auto parts that are oil filter, oil gasket, oil pan, oil pipe, oil pump and oil strainer. In the same way, air conditioning system (A/C), used in any car and automobile, comprises many auto parts such as A/C clutch, A/C compressor, A/C condenser, A/C hose, A/C kit, A/C relay, A/C valve, A/C expansion valve, A/C low-pressure valve and A/C schrader valve. Similarly, auto parts such as center cap, hubcap and wheel cover (also called as wheel trim), inner and outer ring, lockout hub, lug bolt and lug nut, spoke, stud, tire, tube and, of course, wheel are basically wheels and tire parts used in all types of automobiles and cars. Furthermore, ignition system, used in all automobiles and cars, consists of many auto parts including coil wire, distributor, electronic timing controller, ignition box, ignition coil, ignition coil parts, ignition controller and magneto.

Auto Detailing

In UK, auto detailing is called ‘car valeting’. Auto detailing or car valenting increases the resale value of a car. Owners of cars and automobiles can easily find detailers within their vicinities. There are a number of well-skilled and professional detailers who provide the quality detailing services and multiply the overall life of your cars and automobiles and there are also several auto detailing chains working in the country that provide you the desired services around the clock in a very professional and organized manner. You can easily take your car or automobile in these auto detailing chains and workshops and get the required auto detailing services on very nominal charges. Other than these auto detailing chains and auto detailing workshops, you may also find a number of auto detailers and auto mechanics working independently in their own auto workshops in all parts of the country. Auto detailers are also called mobile operators in some places. Auto detailing basically consists of three major detailing process which are exterior detailing, interior detail, and engine detailing. Different auto detailers normally utilize different auto detailing products, resources and auto equipments in the overall procedures involved in auto detailing. Auto detailing is a very specialized job and cannot be performed by simple auto mechanics or automobile technicians. 

Auto Accessories

Driving your car in the dark without turning on the headlights of the car is no mean feat but such gallantry sometimes appears to be quite detrimental for such brave drivers and vehicle owners as roads and thoroughfares are built for safe driving pursuits where we are all not supposed to play car racing. Automobiles may take you to your desired destinations unless you drive safely by following all traffic rules and laws. Having all types of auto accessories is also necessary while driving your car but at least one should always have a particular set of auto accessories in order to avoid emergencies or urgent situations faced on middle of the road. Automobiles are very useful. There is no doubt about this. But significance of all auto parts and auto accessories remains ubiquitous so it is always advised to carry all basic tools, equipments and auto accessories during any long route journey in your automobile. These auto accessories and automobile parts are easily available at all stores and auto shops. You must have an auto toolbox having all of these auto accessories and auto parts essentially. All automobile accessories and auto parts are not very costly or expensive and a wide range of different auto accessories and auto parts makes the selection process quite easy for auto drivers and vehicle owners.